Video: Teaser video of Croc leather Bentley Continental GT

Yes, Russians are an eclectic group, to say the least. That we already know. What we still find hard to believe though, or at least hard to come to grips with is how far these Russians are going to go to become completely and legitimately off-the-rocker.

When we featured that Bentley Continental GT that was completely dressed from end to end in crocodile leather and told you that it came from the Motherland, not a lot of people were totally surprised by it. After all, this Bentley Suitcase Croco, which was designed by a Russian fashion house, is only the latest example of the abundance of eccentricity in that country.

Now, we discovered the official teaser video of the one-of-a-kind Bentley, which will make its debut somewhere in the near future. Watch the video and if you pay more attention, you’ll notice that there’s also something there that should catch your collective attention that is, if you’re a straight-on-the-cup man with a fascination for rear ends.

Source: YouTube


Haha. Yes, definitely she’s not, only a piece of undies.smiley Anyways, is this a pure crocodile skin?How exotic!

Aside from thinking on how many crocs where killed to cover up the Bentley. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Does the lady in the left doesn’t wear any pants?

It was such a great experience to see the well-know Bentley boy, Derek Bell. I know he’s one of a kind racer who used his own power to explore the car’s limitation to climb a hill. That’s what we called, a true genius.

I wonder how many crocs need to be killed in order to cover the contenental gt from Front end to Rear End.

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