Video: The art of attacking corners, Need for Speed style

You think you know what it’s like to be sitting behind the wheel of a race car as it blasts along a race track in preparation of a sharp corner? Try listening to Time Attack champion Chris Rado and see if you have what it takes.

In the latest promotional video for the just released Need for Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed , Rado talks about the fine line between successfully navigating a corner and flying off of the apex. There’s more to it than skill. Every corner of every race track provides a different element of danger to it, one that all drivers should be well aware of.

People talk about racing as a sport of inches and they’re right, even down to the slightest twitch of a car that could either cost them the race or worse, their lives. Learning this understated yet important skill is something that separates a good racer from a pretender.

The question is: which one are you?


This would be more difficult than driving in the real race track. Well, that’s why there’s car game because it help the young aspirant to practice their skill in the corner without damaging the real car.

The hardest course of the race track is the corner. And turning in and flying of the apex and finally finding the exit is kind of difficult. I have learned that the best technique would be minimizing the number of turns on the steering wheel.

hmm. I really like the term “need for speed”! I like the features car here. And seems that they haven’t done outstanding features here.

When I got to see a car game the first thing that I look at is the graphics and the features of the game. Well, I have to say that Gt5 is far better than this!

I still haven’t see the graphics of this game and I wonder if they offer an awesome feature just like in the GT5 wherein you can customize your race track. Well, it seems that I need to experience this thing by myself.

I wonder if this car is already available in the market? The idea of need for speed is quite nice!If given a chance since I don’t have the money to purchase one. I want to played this game for this is my only chance to drive the car that I will never got the chance to drive!

I don’t think that we need to still consider playing this game. Everyone has said that this game is quite boring compare to Gt5.And as matter of fact, the DIRT 3 will be available soon. I have heard that it has a lot to offer more than this game can!

Well, I think racing is quite dangerous. And to tell honestly, I’m so proud to those who has the guts and passion on this activities, The racing drivers are courageous enough to blast their car in the race track!IMO, I don’t think that the testimony of Chris Rado would be motivational enough for me to try this car game.

Well, I don’t think that we have to consider this game anymore. The DIRT3 is already coming! And IMO, I think this game never been as good as GT5! BTW, I wonder if it will be available in xbox 360? Curious here..

haha. I think someone is waiting to compare the two game. I think there is nothing game for this game except that it leveled up. They haven’t mentioned that they are going to upgrade the features.

I think the problem is in the video..its buffering. BTW, I’m so excited for the released of this game. I been waiting for this since the GT5 has come out.

I wish I could watch the video...stupid internet.

Well, I already have the GT5 so I don’t think that it would a big pain to try this game. BTW, just looking at the graphics I can tell that this game would be awesome.

haha. Wow! The lineup of the car are extremely awesome. If this would be my only chance to drive this car in this game then what can I do but grab itsmiley

Nice video. I never really thought that racing would be this complicated, even for just a video game. Certainly learned a lot from that one.

hmm. For me I like the graphics though I have to say that the race track is not that good. However,I do believe that learning this game is already a great skill!

Well, i have to say that this game is quite interesting but I think the graphics is not that amazing!BTW, I guess this will be my only chance to drive a Bugatti!

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