Video: The Best 1/4 Mile Drag Race Ever

After watching this video, we strongly believe it is time for us to relocate. Where exactly? Well...Poland! Because this is where all the amazing action from this video took place.

The guys over at Autokult have put together one of the best 1/4 mile drag races ever - they even called it the "Super Drag Race." We have to agree with them, especially after taking a look at the cars involved in the show: Corvette Z06 , Chevrolet Camaro SS , Shelby GT500 , Lotus Exige , Audi TT-RS , and Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet .

What followed after the cars’ presentation is beyond any imagination. We can all describe it in just one word: FUN!

Even with a collection of cars such as these, as winner had to be chosen, and it looks like it was a Chevrolet Corvette tuned by Lingenfelter with a time of 12.138 seconds. At the opposite end of the spectrum - the losing side - was the Lotus Exige with a time of 13.797 seconds.

If anyone knows of a better video than this, please let us know!

Source: Autokult


if you would choose to drive a 7 liter monster on a daily basis, so be it. i prefer porsche’s smaller engine.

this video is awesome. i’m afraind poland will get to small for all of us soon.

alex, you may be right. but the corvette isn’t bad either now, is it.

for every day use, i’d have the porsche of all the cars. it is the most mature and elegant car.

gary, that matters in acceleration. which was ok for the lotus. but then power is all that matters, and this is where it lost.

tinur, the power-to-weight ratio also matters. remember that.

it is only natural the zo6 won. biggest engine and most HP. and the poor elise had a 1,8 engine and less than 300HP, so of course it lost.

tat tuned up porsche would have smoked every car here. and many others.

the zo6 has won. but then again, it was a tuned up version of it. remember the 1200 HP porsche presented here a few dais ago? imagine what that monster would have done.

i appreciate the diversity of the cars chosen to participate.

lots of good cars in one place. that is quite rare to find.

a better video would be quite hard to find. this is one of the best out there.

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