Video: The classic battle between truck and wall has a surprise ending

Rarely do we see videos these days that leave our jaws dropping on the floor. This one most certainly did that, and the funny thing is, it didn’t even involve a high-end sports car.

When a 65,000-pound truck comes barreling at about 50 miles per hour, you figures that nothing can stand in its way. But if you’ve ever seen any of those concrete barriers that are built around the perimeter high-security buildings, then it becomes a showdown of epic proportions.

It’s the ultimate battle between the unstoppable force going up against an immovable object. Who wins it?

Here’s a hint: we picked a side and we ended up being wrong.

Check it out and see for yourself.

Source: YouTube


That’s was so terrifying! Why the hell he does that thing?

I didn’t expect that to happen! That’s surprising! Well, that wall is tough, very tough.. smiley

Well, most walls nowadays are built to endure such impacts and weight. It’s not really that much of a surprise but I think that this kind of barriers are those that should be used in mountains wherein it could get dangerous specially near cliffs. Well, it’s good that that video was just a test as it could spell the worst for the passengers if it were real.

What kind of wall was that? It’s very tough and even the truck didn’t penetrate on it. but honestly it was fun to watch a truck like that smash on a wall.


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