Video: The Fastest Drag Race You'll Ever See

The numbers are beyond staggering you’d think that we’re making it up. But even we found it hard to believe until we saw the actual thing. Four high-powered dragsters went at it in a blazing race you would have missed the whole thing if you even attempted to yawn.

Consider that all cars came with a total of 24,000 horsepower – 6,000 each! – a total of 76,000 RPM, with each car averaging a 0-60 mph time of wait for it...1.3 seconds.

As you can imagine, the race was over even before it began but in the few seconds that it was on, it sure was a hell of a lot of fun for us to watch it.

Imagine if you were the one behind the wheel of one of those dragsters.

Source: YouTube


hmm. If they have used a NOS here.. then it means that these cars are quiet dangerous and the drivers life is at risk! 6,000 hp is too much, I thought that I can see explosion here!

Extremely awesome! The power output of this car is five times faster than a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport which has around 1200 hp. I wonder what’s under in its hood that makes this cars blast in the track like that.. have they used a NOS here?

I thought that the 4th one from left would won the race because his engine fires so aggressively.

Wow. That car is that expensive? One could buy at least 4 regular (non supercars) with that kind of money. I think that it rather has a high price tag for a car that is not as hot or fast as those Ferrari or Lamborghini.

I guess we’re really not that far away from Pod Racing!

A whooping 76,000 RPM those drivers are probably wearing a G-suit with that kind of speed, you blood will surely go up to your brain.

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