Video: The new Cadillac CTS-V "Competition" commercial

A number of days ago, we showed you a video of the making of Cadillac’s new commercial for the CTS-V sedan’s Nurburgring run, which, incidentally enough, occurred a little over two years ago.

Claiming to be the world’s fastest four-door sedan, Cadillac’s time of 7:59.32 may not be anywhere near the neighborhood of some of the world’s most exotic cars, but when it comes to four-doors, the CTS-V sedan is the standard bearer for running the legendary Nurburgring race track. And while the number is impressive given the circumstances, Cadillac doesn’t see it as a competitive time, but as a starting block to which the company aims to push faster and work harder to improve on their time.

Then again, two years is a long time for a record to stand, especially in the auto industry where a technological race to be faster and more powerful is an everyday occurrence. There was even talk that a Porsche Panamera Turbo – another four-door – eclipsed the CTS-V’s record by thee seconds with a time of 7:56. But despite not having the record anymore, Cadillac’s time is impressive nonetheless, especially given the fact that unlike Porsche, the American brand isn’t particularly known for its speed.

Source: Cadillac


I think the speaker is right about the Cadillac CTS-V is one of the most fastest Sedan in
Nurburgring. That famous track really is the proving ground of all cars.

I bet they don’t have any idea what they are talking about..

Are they sure their the fastest, Some famous car brands are making their own arsenal of fast cars.

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