Video: The reinvention of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

To say that Chrysler has a lot invested in the success of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is like saying that Ferrari is just another automaker. As one of the first releases of the recently-forged Chrysler-Fiat partnership, the Grand Cherokee is being pegged as an SUV that’s catered not only to Jeep’s rugged off-road market, but also towards those looking into making a luxury SUV purchase.

Recently, Jeep’s Bob Hegbloom took some time to talk with Pentastar Video to discuss the painstaking process behind the creation of the Grand Cherokee. Among the finer points of the interview include Hegbloom laying the groundwork for how Jeep can maintain its brand image as a rugged SUV that puts a premium on customer satisfaction. As such, Jeep decided to give the new Grand Cherokee a noticeable upheaval on its own, which includes increasing the SUVs legroom and adding a reclining rear seat, performing an exhaustive durability test that consisted of test driving the SUV a total of a staggering 2.5 million miles, and most of all, positioning the Grand Cherokee as a car that’s true to its roots yet has goals of infiltrating the luxury SUV market.


Reinvented? Or enhanced? I am just so confused with the Title.

For Chrysler’s sake this thing had better have the 6.1 liter Hemi as an option for the off-road models and not just the road-biased SRT8, because otherwisewise it won’t stand a chance against the Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Armada.

This fun-to-drive vehicle will make one wonder if it is a sports car or an SUV.” However, buyers will pay a price at the pump for all that power

This Jeep is more appealing. It seems that the short and mid term reliability will make or break this vehicle and probably Chrysler, in the kind of matter.

Why they stuck to the square wheel when well openings tires are round, looks like hell!

One other thing. This new Phoenix V6 is supposed to be as smooth as any Toyo of Nissan engine. NVH is supposed to be great. They are also cheaper to manufacture than GM’s 3.6 according to a supplier. The 6 speed auto is icing on the cake. Now if they can get a DCT from FIAT...

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