Video: The Trans Am Lives... Sort of

Back when Pontiac went the way of the dodo bird, we didn’t so much mourn the loss of the brand as much we did the finality of the Trans Am’s death. Sure, the Trans Am was gone following the 2002 model year – along with its cousin, the Camaro – but there was still a glimmer of hope for it to return, much like the Camaro has. Well, when GM finally boarded up the windows and doors at Pontiac in 2010, we laid the Trans Am name to rest.

We have seen many people attempt to turn the new-generation Camaro into Firebirds and Trans Ams, but none have really done the model’s heritage justice. The folks over at Trans Am Depot, on the other hand, have done rather well in converting the Camaro into something that at least somewhat resembles what the Trans Am would likely look like, if it existed today.

The Trans Am is available in three models, so far, and they include: 2012 7T7 Trans Am, 2013 6T9 Trans Am and 2013 Hurst Trans Am. These bad boys not only give the model its due attention, but they also punish the pavement better than Trans Ams of yesteryear with the 6T9 version punching out 1,100 horsepower. Simply amazing.

To help promote its models, Trans Am Depot has released a series of videos about the cars they offer. Above, you will see the promo video for the Trans Am lineup, which includes some shoddy acting, but the cars are sexy as hell and the women are, well… “nice.” The two videos after the jump are mini documentaries about the production of the cars.

All we can say is “wow!”


The front design of the car in the video looks impressive. It looks like an eagle that is spreading its wings. Perhaps Trans Am and Camaro will make its comeback with new models in the future.

I am not really impresse..maybe a greater power would have convinced me, but...I don’t know, I was expecting something more from Ponti..

Wow, great technical features, and nice design!What else can you ask from a car? xD

I knew, I knew for more than a Year that this vehicle would appear! I’m happy seeing that my intuition was right!

Trans and depot have always come up with bright stuff, I really appreciate these guys!

This article convinced about something...2013 is the best year, regarding cool, fast and powerful, beautiful cars!!

Wow, the first video took my breath AWAY, I couldn’t focus actually on the car, hahaaa

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