Video: The world's best full-sized game controller is the wheel of a Volkswagen Scirocco

You know what they say about racing games: it may look real, but unless you’re sitting behind the wheel of an actual race car, it’s far from feeling real.

Well, try telling that to these people. With apparently no shortage in technological smarts, these Finnish gamers were able to successfully plug a computer straight into a Volkswagen Scirocco ’s on-board computer. After installing a projector in front of the car, plus a few codebreakers here and there, the game was set to be taken for a test drive.

We don’t know how these guys were able to do it, but apparently, the whole thing pretty much involves the integration of the game’s steering wheel, pedals, and transmission into the Scirocco’s electronic system. The result, as you can see, certainly speaks for itself. In a nutshell, the Scirocco became a real-life controller, and if you’re on to know a thing or two about a car’s electonic capabilities, then you can probably wire up something like this in your garage.

Then again, it’s easier said than done.

Source: YouTube


I’m really concentrated about the upcoming release of the Gt5 so I’m not really excited about the newly releases racing games except for the Gt5.

VW (and any German company for that matter) is going to stay as far away from the word "evil" as they possibly can... simple marketing, folks...

i have a MK5 GTI (stock) and i have driven an R32 and while it is a little quicker its not worth the extra cash to me. and the "on a track" argument doesn’t mean anything to me because at most that means one weekend a month.

Haha, would it mean that if you want to drive a ferrari in that game, you should have a ferrari car as a controller too?

Yes, this is one of the coolest game I’ve ever seen today... but I guess the airforce training facility is much more fun because of the moving seats and you’ll feel that your in a real fighter jet.

Well this is the most biggest game console I’ve ever seen... bigger than the Air force training facility and not bigger than the Army tanks simulation training facility.

That was really fun, because you can almost imagine that your are really on a race track, pretty awesome!

I wonder how much does it takes to have one, it’s pretty cool to have a game console like that in your house.

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