Video: The World's Fastest Lotus?

Lotus has already unveiled the new Exige S , but that doesn’t mean people have forgotten about the old version. In fact, Frank Profera from California wasn’t very pleased with his stock Exige so he did some improvements that transformed the car into the "world’s fastest Lotus." Or at least that’ what he claims.

Profera has spent six years making his Lotus go faster, stop shorter, and corner harder. After all this work, the 1.8 liter engine of his Exige model delivers a total of 680 wheel horsepower. And when the sports car’s 2,150 lbs weight is considered, that’s a better power-to-weight ratio than Mario Andretti’s Formula One Lotus. That being said, this a project that may never be finished because of Frank’s never-ending obsession with speed.

Watch the car in action in this 14 minutes video!


I wish he’d be inspired more to even outdo this.

Great that Lotus produced their fastest. It’s been a long time since I last heard about the Lotus. It’s a nice job then. 

It can’t run on full speed while on curve. It’s critical to drive this thing on a full blast speed. 

Is this stable though? I hope it doesn’t crash as it zooms through a track.

I think that the specifications stated are accurate based on the performance. The video has simply proven it.

I believe so that this is the fastest Lotus yet. Maybe on their comeback, they’ll produce a speedier model!

I can see how much it has improved. I just hope the empowerment it received doesn’t make it crumble.

The owner and creator of this Lotus Exige S doesn’t know how to give up. He is giving more attention on the speed, in able to beat its previous record.

This car is powerful; specifications are well defined, and I can see from the video that Matt Farah is enjoying while driving the Lotus Exige S. He really knows how to handle this kind of a car.

That was such a mind-bogging video! Profera has really succeeded on modifying his own car to make it even faster and more powerful!

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