Video: The world's luckiest gas station is a Ferrari melting pot

A gas station that’s situated near a race track is definitely smart for business. And then there are gas stations that are just plain lucky.

Located strategically beside the Monza race track, this particular gas station draws a special group of cars that you’d be hard-pressed to find converging anywhere else in the world at the same time.

During times where the Monza racetrack is open, the gas station’s business spikes up because of the droves and droves of Ferraris waiting for their turn to be filled up with track-burning fuel. At any point in time, you can even chance upon a line of some of the world’s most exotic Ferraris as they wait their turn to get fed.

And what do the drivers do during their wait? Anytime there’s a camera around - like in this particular time - the drivers waste little time in revving for the lenses, much to our delight.

Good for their business, great for our viewing pleasure.

Source: Marchettino


Whatever is the name of the gas station; still, they’ve got the lucky one. If given a chance, I want to be part on that gas station to take a look of the model Ferrari.

I’d rather stay-up in the gas station only to witness the Ferrari makes their line while feeding. It was awesome to see the different versions of the Ferrari as well as the latest model.

Wow the rarest Ferrari queue on a single gas station. I think I want to work on that station to view it on myself. Different models of Ferrari is an eye away.

From the start of the video, I’m truly amazed because of the best specs they have. Well, as we know that Ferrari is really famous and i’m sure it will be a best seller one. I love the front and back concept.

I love watching this video! And I am hoping to see as many Ferrari as this is my life. Look at their amazed faces. Lol! That gas station is really lucky!

I agree. Not just for the pleasure of business, but also for the pleasure of their eyes! This gasoline station is plain lucky for they had put their business. Its really good to see a Ferrari close to you. smiley

I am sure the man dressed in black is Valentino Balboni he he he……..

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