Video: This Is How You Wrap A NASCAR Race Car With Sponsorship Logos

One of the really cool things about watching NASCAR races, at least for those who are more into the aesthetic side of the proceedings, is checking out the sponsors for each team.

So, if anybody has ever wondered how these teams dress up their cars, Joe Gibbs Racing is here to provide you with the answer.

The solution is a vinyl wrap, which has been used by a growing number of racing teams to emblazon their respective sponsors’ logos. In the case of Kyle Busch and his No. 18 Toyota Camry NASCAR Sprint Cup race car , the sponsor is M&Ms, and if you didn’t know, the chocolate maker employs colorful branding.

So, the Joe Gibbs Racing Team decided to show us how they were able to turn the Camry from a bland matte black stock car to a certifiably colorful, ready-to-race machine. Check out the time-lapse video and watch how the magic unfolds. A normal procedure takes a little less than two hours. This video lasts for just over three minutes.

Well worth the watch.


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Great job, dudes!I’d love to see more videos like this one smiley

It’s ok to me , I guess. However , considering how poor my car looks like right now!!

If you do that, Brad, people might think you ride a racecar

I want my car to look just like that toyota in the pictures gallery xD

I could barely recognize the type of the car, behind that makeup, hahaa

You must have lots of patience to be able to do such thing...

That’s a great strategy for some brands to make publicity, kewl

I’ve watched the video and I still don’t understand how they manage to fix that vinyl wrap on the car..

I can only imagine 2 humansized m&m’s riding that car, lol

Yeah, that’s righ, but I guess it’s not their fault the sponsor was a bunch of delicious candies, huh

Gary, I totally agree with you.This one’s sort of childish

I prefer the design of the toyota.It’s more simple and elegant, somehow.

Does Joe Gibbs Racing Team have any official website?I couldn’t find any on the internet -.-

The race must have been delicious, with such huuuge m n m’s on it smiley

How interesting!What’s the cost of such a process?

Very bueautiful!I was thinking of designing my car in such way, altough it isn’t a racecar, ha haaaaa

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