Video: This is Why Dragsters Go in a Straight Line Only

“Epic fail” is ultimately one of the most overused and incorrectly used phrases in the world. But, we are going to go ahead and chalk this one up as just that, an epic fail.

If you have ever watched drag races , you have likely noticed one thing in common with all of them. They are always on a straight and flat track. This is not without good reason, as drag cars, rail cars especially, are designed to simply go in a straight line really fast. If you’ve ever seen a rail car veer off the track you might notice that they rarely ever recover prior to a spectacular crash. This is because they have the turning capabilities of a fully loaded semi truck on an icy downhill slope.

Now that we’ve let you in on that secret of the dragster, what do you think would happen when a 1,000+ horsepower rail car decides to take a Sunday drive down a back country road? If you still don’t know, we’ll fill you in. It would crash at the first tiny kink in the road, much like the above video.

In what looks to be some sort of dragster road racing event, these guys take a rail car about 50 feet up the road before sitting it down in a small ravine, in a less-than-desirable way. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch the driver attempt to correct the car and you can really see the minimal amount of steering these things actually have. Fortunately, the driver wasn’t hurt, but we are pretty certain the car has a couple of bucks worth of damage… Enjoy!

Source: DPC Cars


And this is why we have professional drivers, right? I don’t understand how it was handled badly when he saw what was coming.

LOL! They really have to record this hilarious video. I wish he’s just fine after tumbling. smiley

Anyway, the driver could have thought a way to save it.

Why the steering wheel doesn’t work? Epic Fail is just right and accepted on this video.

Meh. I can only say that the driver was bad at handling as well.

What’s the use of the steering wheel? Anyway, if you’re driving more than a thousand horsepower engine like that, it’ll be a major epic fail. Ha ha ha.

At least, it showed us something valuable, and it serves as a reminder, although I find this sample as unnerving and dangerous.

The camera which was focused on the driver seemed to show a more nervous view of the incident. He’s lucky he wasn’t hurt, considering the dragster might have had a great impact because of the high power it possesses.

I still can’t tell if this is only a demo, or if it’s an actual mishap. It’s unbelievable how those staffs and that driver weren’t aware of that fact.

I bet that from this point on no one would dare to risk themselves and their dragsters like this. It’s such a big trouble and waste.

Was this on purpose? Well, I think their “demo” is very effective since it has clearly shown what happens to dragsters who try to deviate from the norms.

Ouch! Well, that was for the driver’s ego and for the roadster. It must be humiliating to be involved on that. This is why dragsters go in a straight line only, and this is why test drivers and staffs should know better about things like that.

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