Video: Tirrito Vajon's Ayrton S a sight for sore eyes

Casual car fans are probably not familiar with the brand Tirrito Vajon, and for the most part, we can’t really blame them.

The Italian niche supercar maker is set to release its latest toy for the big boys, the Ayrton S, at the 21010 Top Marques Monaco but a lot of us are wishing that the company hold off their introductions just a little while longer.

Make no mistake, with a 627 horsepower output, the car is obviously fast – credit goes to the car’s BMW M5 V10-powered engine – but it’s the car’s appearance that leaves a lot to be desired. And that may even be an understatement.

Among the things that we find a little off for a supposed supercar are the Vajon’s headlights, which, at first glance, look a lot like halogen lights you’d find in a bathroom. The car also looks like a compressed – and stiff – version of a Lamborghini, making us question the aesthetic taste of these guys.

Forgive us for being brutally blunt, but how can you trust somebody that can’t even spell ‘revealed’ right. Check out the video to see exactly what we mean.

Source: Tirrito Cars


Oh, my eyes were hurt upon seeing this video. I need 3D glasses to appreciate this car. This is such a crazy idea to make such kind of supercar.

What about the torque. When speaking with fast car. Torque must be consider.

Just wait till you see some car-nappers in your backyard. It will totally attract them not because they want to steal it to have money but to steal them for themselves.

Well honestly, most people who can afford to have hot cars in their garage uses a car’s exterior as one of the factors to consider when buying a new car. And with this car’s looks, I don’t think that it will have a lot of fans or if a lot of people will want to be behind the wheels of this car. I don’t think it would raise a lot of money unless they change it’s looks.

Yeah I get your point on this one, good power performance, good and stylish wheels which I think one of the best I’ve seen for this day only, really nice halogen headlights but my main concern on this one is the side skirts that makes this car crappy as a supercar.

cool set of wheels, but the body has to much corners, to much edges create more drags, decreasing the car speed.

Anyways the car is "not that good" IMO. Eventhough the engine system of this car is the BMW M5 V10, it can’t help to change the point of view of a car enthusiast to be one of the best appearance. Although I want to commend the horse power of this car.

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