Video: Tommy Milner runs lap time at Laguna Seca in Need For Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed

The hotly anticipated release of the Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed game is a week away so it only seems right that we drum up the interest on the game further to ensure that there’s enough hype to justify making a purchase. Of course, a game like this certainly doesn’t need the ‘added’ help considering that the NFS franchise speaks for itself as far as racing games are concerned.

Then again, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a few more previews of the game. The latest to come out of Electronic Arts’ marketing department is a video of Tommy Milner, the driver of the Corvette Racing Team, taking on a hot lap at Laguna SECA while driving his own Corvette C6.R GT1 race car.

The video shows Milner basically flying around Laguna Seca with a lap time that’s as clean as a whistle, including a smooth run around the infamous ‘Corkscrew’. It looked like he could have driven around the lap while eating a bucket of chicken on one hand. That’s the kind of talent he has.

In the end, Milner posted a lap time of 1:21:709, which for a GT1 car is mighty impressive. But if you think it’s not fast enough, you can take a shot at Milner’s time courtesy of the game’s Autolog Challenge and see if you can beat one of the sport’s promising young stars in a lap around Laguna Seca.


Well, I guess its time to less consider this car game for the debut of the Forza Motor Sport 4 is near! There are a lot of new features in this game!

I think this would the last think to be considered since the DIRT3 was already set to make its debut soon. I have heard that there are lot of new and high technology features in the
DIRT3 compare to this game.

Well, basically this is not the frist promotional video for car games. However, it seems that Tommy Milner is not that appealing for a lot of people is booing this car game!

Oh yeah, I did 1.20.123 on GT5! And I believe its a great lap..BTW, with the proper equipment it really makes a difference.

Forget GT5, lets all get this game. I’m really a big fan of NFS and I admit that I sometimes at it but, the thrills it gives me is like racing on a real world. GT5 is also a good one, but I’ve spent mostly half of my life playing all NFS games starting from the first playstation console I’ve ever have.

Yeah, that’s my main reason for getting Need for Speed too, I really find it rather challenging because of the different kinds of scenarios that it has.

Well, this one is definitely a must get. I have always loved the Need For Speed series because it has a rather intense racing experience in it, and this one will definitely add to that.

Whew! The video is making it hard for me to decide whether to get this or GT5. I will go with the GT5 for the sheer number of cars in there, but the Autoblog feature of this is also enticing.

This one is definitely a great way to promote the game. After all, who would be better to sell this one up than these great driver. Fans will certainly get all that excited.

Yes, Even if NFS and GT5 are both good, GT5 is my favorite. I have tried to played this using the steering! its extremely cool!

Hey, so are they also including this one in the Autolog feature of the game? Definitely would like that one. I can’t wait to try and break Milner’s record.

This game would be my second favorite next to Gt5. Both games have impressive graphics and give me an adrenaline rush, but I think GT5 is much
better compare to NFS. I have tried to play both game, and I would suggest that, try to play first the GT5 after the NFS. You’ll see what I meansmiley

That one is actually rather impressive, considering how a lot many pro drivers fail when it comes to racing in the game consoles. Can’t wait to try and beat this one.

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