Video: Top Gear Crew & Stig Spotted in UAE

So, what is the crew of TopGear doing for fun lately? Nothing much! Just hanging out in the UAE testing a few super cars, that’s all. The guys at World Car Fans spotted the Stig and company surrounded by a slew of high dollar speed machines, like a Lamborghini SV LP670-4 , Bugatti Veyron 16.4 , Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722 and the venerable classic the McLaren F1 . Look for this future super car shootout on your favorite BBC television show.

Source: WCF


Well, well, I hope Topspeed will also get that same opportunity...

All I can see here a big poweful cars. I hope Top Gear is cooking something special for all of us.

Are you sure that this will come out in BBC coz I will really wait for this news.

I hate to know what they are really up to. But I know we will all enjoy in premier in our BBC.

What is Top Gear doing in the UAE. It’s preety obvious these guys are cooking something and I hope this will really be spectacular as what the line of supercars are doing in the lot.

Wow I would love to see what really goes there. I can’t wait to see the full footage.

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