Video: Top Gear releases teaser for 2011 Christmas Special

Christmas has been associated as much for the birth of Christ as it has been for Santa Claus, red-nosed reindeers, and Jingle Bells. But for gear heads like us, Christmas also takes in a whole new meaning in the form of Top Gear’s Christmas Special episode.

We didn’t know a whole lot about this year’s episode except for the little piece of nugget that it was being shot in India. Now we know what they were doing in that country all along.

In a recent episode of the One Show, Jeremy Clarkson was on-hand to promote his new ’Powered Up’ DVD and while that was informative in its own ’Clarkson-ian’ way, what really got our attention was the first teaser video of Top Gear’s Christmas Special 2011 episode.

Check out the video to watch a few minutes of Clarkson trying to sell us his new DVD or you can just jump to 2:34 into the video to check out the Christmas Special 2011 teaser.

Source: You Tube


can’t wait to watch this Christmas Special


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