Video: Top Gear's electric car woes continue with the Nissan Leaf

Top Gear has never been shy of dealing with controversies and lawsuits, having spent an inordinate amount of their time and resources deflecting complaints left and right, including a recent dispute with Tesla over the state of their electric sports car.

Turns out, Top Gear’s electric car curse has come back and bitten Jeremy Clarkson in the hiney a second time. In the middle of their EV test drive with the Nissan Leaf and the Peugeot iOn , the former’s electric power runs out on the Britishman, leaving him stranded and at a loss of what to do with the latest debacle. Worse off, the whole incident happened in the city and outside of the Top Gear test track. After much deliberation and a few requests to boot, the two crackling hosts - together with a number of good-hearted volunteers - were able to push the stricken Leaf into the University of Lincoln where an outlet was ready, willing, and waiting.

In the event that Nissan decides to file a lawsuit against Top Gear similar to Tesla , the British show at least has visual evidence of what transpired, probably saving them a whole truckload of money.

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haha! That’s really funny. Knowing that Nissan Leaf is indeed a good car but this shows that there are really great problems concerning electric cars.

Not all Electric Cars are trash. Its just that Nissan Leaf has not passed the judgment of the Top Gear Team. This show really is an eye-opener for car drivers and enthusiasts.

Now, this is what I like on this show..they are being straight forward on their comments on cars. Now, don’t stop Top Gear UK for telling the truth Nissan.

haha.Well, I guess this things would turn up like what happen with TESLA. Well, I agree on you guys, electric cars are not reliable and the most hideous production ever made!

Yes, I agree but its seems that their a different opinion on this thing.
However, I will stick on what I have said before that this car is unreliable!

I really like Top Gear for being straightforward and bravery for telling the truth behind the this hideous creation! It really shows on credible is the Top Gear UK! I can’t to watch its comeback!

I agreed. But most of the times, they actually would change their notions once they see that the car does performing well. And from the looks of it, they are actually going to let tbe Leaf pass on this one.

Yeah, that’s going to be a big problem for them. Often they already have a preconceived notion that a car is bad, even though they have yet to test it.

Nah, let’s face it. The TopGear boys have literally shown time and time again that they dislike electric cars. So it is likely that they will show that again because of the Leaf incident.

Well, I think they probably won’t go that far. From the looks of it, it seems that they have very well understood that this one is just a minor glitch.

Well, let’s see how they handle this one. If they go on to blast the Leaf just because of that little incident, then it’s likely that they will be getting themselves into trouble soon.

Wow! Let me cheer you guys! Now, this would be a wake up call for all those car manufacturer that continues to make this "crap" electric cars! See on how unreliable are these cars. Boo for Tesla and Nissan electric car! I’m on your side Top Gear!

haha. I just remembered about the law suit case between the Tesla and the Top Gear. Well, it really shows on how electric cars are very much unreliable. IMO, the scenario in the video is one of the major dilemma of having that car. Where to plug in? Well, I think that’s big question especially, when you are in the downtown with no electricity at all.

I believe that James os NOT in a Peugeot, but he IS in a Mitsubishi iMEV

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