Video: TopGear Season 17 Trailer

The first episode of Top Gear Season 17 is set to be aired on June 26 , but for all of those fans that cannot wait another moment to see the Top Gear UK trio at work, BBC has been kind enough to release a teaser trailer of what to expect.

The trailer will refuel your Top Gear obsession by showing clips of Jeremy Clarkson driving the McLaren MP4-12C , James May riding around in the Mini WRC racing car, and Richard Hammond cruising in the Dartz Prombron through city streets. A Porsche Boxster , a Citro├źn DS3 Racing , and an Abarth 500C will also be making their appearances, plus a short trip to Monte Carlo will help to wrap things up.

We may still have to wait 11 days for the full episode to grace our television screens, but this teaser trailer just cements the fact that Top Gear 17 is starting and will be better than ever.


All episodes contain fearless factors, car packed action and most of all a lot of humor! I should watch the previous episodes, let me check it online if there’s any.

That was amazing. I’ve watched the trailer and I’m still searching for clips at Youtube today. Unfortunately, I missed this episode. I hope you could share me the link.

Finally, the new season is just days off. That trailer really got me so excited that I can’t way for this one, good thing that they have a lot of interesting stuff lined up.

Actually, I don’t have any chances to watch this movie. But as I know, this was really a great movie of all times. Hopefully, one of this days I may have the time to watch this one.

Funny side, he claims that he is always right! Well, I don’t think that Top Gear would disappoint their million viewers. And while watching the video it gives me a glimpse that this next season would be action packed and exciting juts like their previous season but this one would be more intense.

InMyOpinion,I guess you are wrong about the TESLA issue. Actually, I was looking expecting for more of a straight forward comments from them. Well, its just too bad that Clarkson is not the type that accepts that he is wrong.

Yeah, it really looks like they have an interesting line up for this season. But it seems that they would not be looking back at some of things that happened these past few months, including the one with Tesla.

Thank goodness this one finally came out. Just goes to shoe that Top Gear is indeed all set for the new season. And from what I have seen in the trailer, they have a lot of interesting things prepared.

Oh yes! Its nine days to go before the debut of the all new episode. And based from the trailer, Top Gear have prepared dose of fun stunt for us. I would never missed its premiere episode.

Wow! As expected from the Top Gear UK! I can’t wait to watch the premiere episode of Season 17! It seems that this would be a big bang to start an all new episode. Hey guys! Have you already mark your calendarsmiley

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