Video: Toyota's 'Everyday Amazing' ad is a breath of fresh air for the brand

Toyota almost wishes that these kinds of days would come more often.
OK, it’s not our place to continuously make fun of Toyota in light of the crisis they’re in these days so we figure that we’d – for once – commend them for this rather cutesy and upbeat ad for the 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid , which was built in Australia.

Taking its cue from (500) Days of Summer – yes, we loved that movie! – this Toyota ad sees a man who, despite the rather monotonous nature of his work, still finds it to appreciate the niceties that life – and a Toyota Camry Hybrid – affords.

Heck, we even have a full slate of gymnasts, acrobats, and cannonballs to accentuate the jollies of driving a Camry Hybrid.

Source: Toyota


haha! Those tumbling people are really amazing. At first, I thought it was a tree branch that takes off from the car. haha!

It’s sad to see Toyota so casually dismiss all of these horrifying experiences under the
veil of "driver error" i.e. floor mats. Many of the victims clearly state that their throttle pedal was unobstructed.

I think its so funny how people want to distract the massive recalls Toyota is having and lay blame on the government for owning GM shares. That is something I would expect to hear from Jim Jones, David Koresh and Charles Manson to his followers.

One thing that can be either stressful or relaxing is the drive home after work. It would be nice of course that after a very tiring day, a nice and comfortable drive despite traffic or other conditions outside, that the drive have fun or not get too frustrated with the car. I think that the Hybrid Camry can give that good feeling... hopefully nothing too exciting though as it can cause some accidents sometimes.

well IMO that was an amazing video, toyota is beginning to stand up against the crowd once again.

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