Video: Toyota's GT86 commercial banned in UK

Car commercials are intended to make customers want to buy your car, plain and simple. With that precedent being set sometime in automotive infancy, it’s not a surprise to see incredibly ridiculous things featured in these commercials.

From the looks of it, Toyota went just a tad too far promoting its new GT 86 sports car — according to UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), at least.

The ASA has officially banned said commercial on the grounds of it promoting and glamorizing irresponsible and dangerous driving. According to the ASA’s official announcement, "that kind of driving, and particularly the speeds, could be emulated on real roads. We also considered that the highly stylized nature of the ad glamorized the reckless manner in which the car was driven."

We don’t know about you, but we find that commercial downright awesome. And let’s be serious, on what roads in this world would you be able to drive a car like that? We think the ASA needs to remove the stick from a certain orifice that the sun does not shine upon…

Let us know what you think!


absurd! who’s fascinated by such commercial, is a child

same feeling I had from moment when the character had goosebumpssmiley)

nice! but I must admit that I am disappointed by one aspect ... I waited until the end of commercial that the character to become real ....

higher quality graphics mean more money ... and what for if the movie will be denied?

yeah ... you’re right. they should strive more with that

i’m not very good at video games, but I think there are some video games with graphics far superior to this one...

interesting promo. I do not remember seeing this kind of approach. I like it!

That commercial and car are totally irresponsible. The car should be confiscated and delivered to me IMMEDIATELY!


The commercial is not offensive or danger-inducing. It is not awesome either. It’s a bit exaggerated, but is generally harmless. Just because I see a sexually suggestive or violent commercial on TV does not mean I would engage to sexual or violent activities. The ASA needs to be consistent and get a grip.

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