Video: Truck driver survives devastating crash

In the face of seemingly insormountable danger, the power of the human spirit to survive shines through, giving the individual the presence of mind to find ways of getting out of harm’s way

Truck driver Randy Pierce found that out the hard way after he managed - barely - to escape the burning truck he was driving after he got into an accident when the truck he was driving, which was carrying about 20 tons of frozen chicken, got cut off by a dump truck before the trailer crashed, slicing open the fuel tank in the process.

With a split open tank, it didn’t take long for the truck to be engulfed in flames, which, naturally, made things worse for Pierce. If the fire wasn’t enough to deal with, Pierce also had to worry about getting out of the truck’s cab, which was perilously dangling from the side of the bridge.

Fortunately, the driver still had his wits about him despite a pretty devastating crash. Pierce managed to get safely back to hard surface after climbing out of the passenger side of the burning truck before finding safety in the form of the bridge.

In times like this, you have to wonder how these people can think clearly given the cards that they’re dealt with. Fortunately for Randy Pierce, he was calm enough to work his way out of his predicament.

Source: CNN


I wonder whether the suspension can bear

Thanks God he’s alive. That’s a really dangerous one that can kill him instantly

He’s one lucky guy. God had spared his life for a reason.

Looks like balls of fire came down the earth and spread out through the bridge.

That was a bad day for the truck driver. But like other said, God has given him another chance to live another day.

Good thing that the bridge didn’t fall out because of the intense heat done by the truck.

It even melted down the steel frame of the truck. I wonder which cause the fire.

That was a big explosion! Good thing that the driver himself manage to get out before the truck explodes. I say that God has given him another chance to live.

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