Video: Ultima GTR Hoons in the Rain

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Having the chance to see an Ultima GTR out on the streets is quite rare, but not impossible. In its base format, the GTR makes use of a 6.3-liter V-8 from Chevy that delivers a total 534 horsepower and 528 pound-feet of torque, but this is no typical GTR..

The model in action here is powered by a Ford GT engine with a Heffner Performance Twin Turbo kit that pushes the engine to 850 horsepower. Just imagine the amazing performance figures given the fact that this GTR weights just a tad over 2,600 pounds.

In this video the folks over at Driving Force Club took the Ultima GTR for a little test drive, giving us the opportunity to hear the amazing sound delivered by the engine and the drone of the turbos. After getting a good listen to that beastly engine, the fellas took it out for some awesome hooning in the rain.

805-horsepower GTR + wet and empty parking lot = lots of donuts and drifts! Enjoy...

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