Video: Uma Thurman stars in new Alfa Romeo Giulietta advertising campaign

Sure, Audi has Justin Timberlake, but Alfa Romeo ’s bringing in their own A-list celebrity to be their key endorser. She comes in the form of the uber hot Uma Thurman. Famous for her roles in Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and My Superhero Girlfriend (ok, maybe not famous for the last one), Thurman and Alfa Romeo have teamed up for a new advertising campaign centered on the car brand’s new Giulietta hatchback, which will debut on Italian television on May 16.

The whole campaign, which was created by well-known ad agency Leo Burnett, will feature a host of ad campaigns on a variety of mediums including TV, press, posters, radio, web. The campaign will also be featured across the board throughout the major markets of Alfa Romeo in Europe.

Details behind what Leo Burnett and Alfa Romeo are cooking are still being kept inside the kitchen although we’ve heard that Thurman will play the parts of five different women, all of whom are said to symbolize the different souls of the Giulietta. It should be an interesting campaign to keep an eye on in the coming months, even more so because Uma Thurman is in it.


Of course, it’s Uma. She’s totally beautiful.

It says video... but where is the video?

Great actress, only mildly interesting car, and an ad concept that’s way too much into BS..."five different souls of the car" Seriously, give me a break.

I agree uma is still hot and she is still capable of doing some nasty things hahaha (forgive my mouth).

Wow! she’s really beautiful and I’ve notice she have those appealing looks and she is really perfectly qualified to be the endorser of that Alfa Romeo Giulietta,

Well I doubt that uma thurman is one molten hot babe. Just what the giulietta is.

why uma trhuman? megan foxx would be my best pick to advertise with Guiletta.

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