Video: Unleashing the Fury of a BMW X6-M

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For those who think that the BMW X6-M is simply a crossover with an M-spec body kit and a powerful V-8 engine, you’re wrong. It’s more than that…

To know how much more, here’s a video showing a person unleashing his BMW X6-M over a beautiful stretch of road. Apart from the beautiful exhaust note, we’re baffled at how a 6,200-pound crossover remains stable while negotiating corners. This sports car-like stability in a heavy, bigger vehicle is all thanks to the special M suspension that includes Adaptive Drive and a newly-developed Servotronic power steering. This ensures that every BMW M product, big or small, has the performance and stability of a powerful sports car, if not greater.

Also to be appreciated is the driver’s guts of unleashing a $90k Bimmer on a deserted, unpredictable road. If you notice, he zips past an intersection at a murdering speed, which would’ve brought a totally different conclusion, had another car was crossing that intersection.

We won’t be surprised if we find another video or a news clip saying "BMW X6-M Crashed into a Tree" or "Driver is fined heavily after rashly driving BMW"

Rest assured, for those who doubt it’s stability and cornering capabilities must watch this video and let us know whether that doubt is settled or not.


the adaptive drive sure works well. the X6-M drives as well as a small race car! and that is something!

going on a forest road is not quite off-road. but then again, some other cars can’t do that, so it is better.

back to the car: i think it is very versatile. great on going fast, good for off-road.

whatever the reasons are, let’s be thankful a tragedy did not happen.

take chances for the adrenaline rush, obviously!

having a powerful car and an almost empty road does not give one the right to go like that. you never know what’s around the corner, so why take chances?

he didn’t hit anyone THIS time! next time, who knows?

that is right. but then again, he did not hit anyone, did he?

after seeing this video i realize that you can be the best driver in the world, if a guy with a sport car comes the other way and hits you at speeds like that, you are done no matter what!

it is "thanks" to drivers like this that innocent people are killed!

that driver is crazy! if someone came the other way, there were high chances he would have been hit and died!

i love the sound the engine makes. it sure is nice to listen to it. no wonder he did not have the radio on!

i never thought a X6-M could have so much stability. that is, truly, unexpected.

that is one great car!!!

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