Video: UPS truck that really hauls

The last thing anyone would expect on a site called TopSpeed is a UPS truck, but this truly a special delivery. A German team rebuilt a seventeen-year-old package truck into a racer for the Essen Motor Show back in November.

Watch as the team not only swaps out the old four-cylinder engine for a 425 hp V8, but they also added a new rear axle, big brakes, Koni shocks, new springs and upgraded tires.

The only question now is what service brought all those parts to their doorstep?


Good to see Italians who were first with the LEDs putting em in their line ups other than the Maserati. This new engine system is going to be great to try.

well that’s good news, because UPS trucks are using Diesel engines that emits a lot of carbon, but the question is will the Hybrid performs better than diesel?

This is one heck cool video for me. I’m wondering if this ad can make it to the superbowls.

Hmm weird but I hope it works. I would like to give it a try someday.

That thing is quite ridiculous.

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