Video: Utah Highway Patrol wows with 900-horsepower burnout

To anybody who’s ever thought that Utah was a boring state, you may want to retract it after watching this video.

This, dear folks, is a Dodge Charger patrol car. But while most police vehicles of this stature are already more powerful than their standard variants, this particular Charger patrol car is unlike any of its brethren either. Why, you ask? Because it has an output of 900 horsepower.

In a world of don’t-ask-don’t-tell, we’ll spare the questions of why the Utah Highway Patrol has a car this powerful in the first place. What’s important to us is that this Dodge Charger is absolutely and insanely packed with ponies. And as the video will show you, it can do a pretty mean burnout, too. On top of that, it was done for the Coats for Kids charity event, which makes sense because charity benefits like this could always use a spectacle that includes a 900-horsepower burnout from, of all things, a highway patrol car.

Source: You Tube


Well, it seems that the boring state of Utah have become alive on this kind of burnout. BTW, I never thought that muscle car would be a good drifting car!

I would love to see the Viper doing this stunt! Hell! The 900-horsepower burnout is quite impressive and it just leave a smokey tire on the audiences!

Maybe the reason why they don’t have this kind of cars in the force is because it is too expensive. The police department really has a tight budget you know, so they can’t splurge on these stuff.

If this car is especially made for charity event, I think that’s a slightly bad idea. Police can use this kind of powerful car to chase those wanted people like a bunch of babies. Anyways, this car totally rocks with a 900hp!

Well, even if they want to get something like this one for their fleet, since the state department would probably not want to toy with these vehicles out in the open.

I wonder why the Highway Patrol don’t simply equip their units with these babies. That would be easier to catch speed freaks. But then again, that would also awaken speed freaks in them.

Lol, that one was funny. And rather ironic too. But yeah, I was alson wondering why the heck does the Utah Highway Patrol have this one, and are they using it for work?

And I was actually reading this while also staring at an ad for online criminal records on the side of the page. Pretty odd coincidence indeed, hehehe!

American engineering at its best...........a Toyota Prius will get away from the light faster than this smokie joe.

Wait, that’s the thing that I am really wondering about. Why did they have a 900 hp car in their inventory? Or was this one specifically made for the charity event.

Ha, those cops really do have a good sense of fun. Imagine that, a patrol car doing a burnout, that’s really something to this. The next thing you know, they will be doing drifts.

This burnout seems huge compare to the regular drifting car that does the donuts! I wonder if this was a customized version or made for exclusivity?900-horsepower feels like driving a supercar!

haha. It seems that Utah is not a good state for speeding! With a 900 hp on Patrol car like this, it seems that even high speed sportscar can’t escape from this car. BTW, I wonder if this car is just exclusive for police officers?

So this is where all the local tax dollars are going?! Because it’s completely necessary for the police to have 900hp+…

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