Video: Volvo wants fans to get involved in "Naughty" campaign

Volvo ’s "How Naughty Do You Want It" campaign is kicking into high gear and the Swedish manufacturer is giving the people a chance to come up with ideas on the lengths Volvo will take to prove it’s "naughtiness".

As a brief teaser of what’s in line for the campaign, Volvo announced in this video that they will be doing something very "un-Volvo-like" in the coming weeks, which means that we’re probably going to see these guys finally come out of the their boxy shells and become a little more risque.

How risque do we think? Well, if they can put some walk behind the talk they’ve been dishing out, then we probably should expect something along the lines of using a Volvo S60 and doing something straight out of the Fast and the Furious.

Yep, ’Volvo’ and ’Fast and the Furious’ in the same sentence. Who would have thought, huh? Seems Volvo is trying to shed the "old people" clothing and try on some fresh, young threads.

Source: Volvo


I was expecting for more power on this car before coming with an advert like this..the "naughtiness" that they are talking about will never going to happen in real! Give us a fresh and high speed performance before anything else.

Don’t tell me that Volvo can accelerate that much and give a full force to make a hole in the roof of the truck? It doesn’t sound so realistic..I better watch the Fast and the Furious!

Like it! pretty cool especially when the car runs through up the truck.

What? I can’t understand the movie can you really suggest on the s60’s? Well for me, there is nothing to suggest for. It’s already a perfect sedan.

That’s odd! So what’s new with a car that has a 304 HP? That hp is not surprising anymore.

How come they call it a naughty volvo? 304HP is not normal to a car anymore. And that 304hp is just a piece of cheese to the Lancer Evo and GT-R.

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