Video: Watch two Subaru BRZ's tackle the Isle of Mans infamous roads

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In addition to the stunning scenery which makes the Isle of Man the cold paradise it is, the largely unrestricted roads also act as a beacon to all car and motorcycle enthusiasts alike, who travel on mass to the famous island and its even more-famous roads every year.

In the latest episode of The Downshift, Jason Cammisa was lucky enough to be thrown the keys to the extremely popular Subaru BRZ , which recently sold out in Australia.

In addition to this, a rally prepped BRZ is also featured in the relatively short video where former WRC winner Mark Higgins takes Cammisa on a trip through the small island’s most exciting roads.

Even though the video is just 4:50 long, the producers have managed to cram a great deal of detail into the short space of time and as a result, it’s definitely an ideal way to spend five minutes of your time.

Check it out!


I like the almost five minute-video chasing on that wet roads.

Your 4:50 minutes makes you hold on to your seats.

Your 4:50 minutes is worth on this racing video. Subaru has great skills.

We will see if the BRZ has an impressive performance to show on that video.

Well, they are almost the same in components. So I think it’s better to find another competitors and let’s see.

This is a bad example of showing off. It unintentionally promotes the hazard of drag racing.

If all the vehicle that is currently running on different and severe roads are like these BRZ’s, they can make a good drive to enjoy even the traffic situation is worse.

I love how they manage to keep in the center of the road. Both BRZ swiftly moves side to side.

Whoa! It zoomed like a slingshot; it’s like there’s an invisible thread swiftly pulling it at the front!

Wow, even the scenery caught in this infamous road show great beauty. It adds on the super cars racing on the roads of that small island.

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