Video: What night drifting in the highways of Moscow looks like

The folks over at the Russian media outlet,, have never held back when it comes to showing sick car racing videos. Whether it’s a Bugatti Veyron duking it out with a Nissan GT-R or a supercar showdown of epic proportions, these people always seem to have something up their sleeves.

This time around, they take a break from all the drag racing madness along the streets of Moscow to give us a sample of what they’re cooking up next: drifting.

Nobody needs to remind us the awesomeness that is drifting and, while we’ve seen our fair share of unforgettable drifts in the past, we’re always on the lookout for the next sick video to come out of the woodwork that is the World Wide Web.

This video, apparently, is only a brief sample of how those naughty Russians use their streets and highways as their own personal drifting lots. Nothing screams danger more than drifting in a highway, but to be fair, these guys are at least doing this at a time when not a lot of vehicles are around to spoil their fun.

Check it out to see the tease before the full show is released soon.


Nice one.. Thanks for the video. It’s so amazing!

Same here..I been planning to buy a new sport car next year and I hope i could make a beautiful drift like that one.

What a great drift..that’s definitely awesome!

Awesome video..I really love those cars..Cheers!

I like the color effect in the video it gives a dramatic feeling when you saw it..smiley

It helps to have solid drive axles. The open diffs that come with most RC cars make drifting kinda twitchy, even with 4WD. The low-resolution electronics on the XMods don’t help with control either. My Mini-Z is RWD so I haven’t even bothered to attempt drifting in it, but both my 1/18 and 1/10’s do just fine.

Awesome! This brought back many memories of the radio shack x-mods cars we used to play with at work about 4 years ago. In stock configuration, with "aftermarket" lithium batteries, a hot rod motor, the cars had so much power, a 2wd configuration was useless - it was necessary to upgrade to the AWD kit - And drift just like in this video.

The video is quite impressive and I would say that the good background from Moscow really contribute to the better milestone for the video.

yes I agree with Adam. This is one of the best teaser video.

if you ever driven new sonata, you will know Hyundai made a drastic improvements. new sonata handles much better than soft previous model. my only beef with the new sonata is the handbook tire noise. it’s 200% improvement in my book.

Would you really want a mid to late 80’s Honda? You’d go to the mall, and come out and find some high school kid had mistook yours for his, and attached a huge fart cannon. =(
And really, why knock Toyota for their boring and mostly uninspired design, when that’s just how they do things? That’s like being surprised that your refrigerator keeps things cool.

I would say that this is one of the best teaser video that I have seen.

Video: What night drifting in the highways of Moscow looks like
COMMENT: Haha, one of the drift cars has a truck like design.

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