Video: Why Rhys Millen uses Enkei wheels

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Listen in as we hear from a few of the sideways superstars competing in Formula D as to why they are running a set of Enkei rims on their drift cars. Rhys Millen, Tony Brakohiapa and Tyler McQuarrie had only good things to say about these Japanese aftermarket wheels.


This is taken from Enkie site: ’ In racing there are no compromises and the passion to maximize performance is never ending. Enkei’s involvement at the highest levels of competition enables our engineers to apply their technology to the ultimate test. Direct to the racetrack to the street, M.A.T. Technology features forged processes at a lower cost.’ I think this aftermarket product said it all, there is no compromise and I believe in that principle, you sell the best yet you give a reasonable price that makes a good chance to everyone. I myself have a set of these wheels for my car

Enkie wheels have been know n for its reliability and uncompromised dedication to quality performance, so I think,when Hyundai D1 team tied up with Enkie, they know what commitment is all about.

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