Video: World's Largest Simultaneous Burnout Happens in Australia

Australians, for the most part, are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It’s rare to have a conversation with one and not say "he’s a pretty cool dude.” So, when news broke out that our friends from “Down Under” recently set a new world record, we were interested to see what it was they actually accomplished.

Low and behold, it was about something that fit right in our wheel house.

At the Summernats Car Festival 2013 in Canberra, 69 cars set a new Guinness Book world record by performing the world’s largest simultaneous burnout . As you can see, the amateur video of the record-setting achievement, posted by YouTube user "lolsupkent," comes with a lot of smoke, a lot of burnt rubber, and presumably, a lot of ecstatic people for being involved, or having witnessed the record-setting achievement.

If for nothing else, the video goes to show how fun a burnout really is. Having 69 cars do it simultaneously is, well, 69 times more enjoyable. If you’ve ever wondered how clouds are made in Australia, look no further than this video for the proof.


Those green people who want to save this planet from polluting and stuff, please go somewhere else and just ignore this happened, ok?

Good joke, the one about the clouds.Like really?
What clouds?
Of pollution ?

Debound , go and seek something else, if this offends you, or I don’t know. Personally, I like these activities very much, if we may call them like that, and don’t see so many negative aspects regarding this..

Nice video!Too bad they couldn’t get a more qualitative one.But it’s good as it is, at least we can rinse our eyes with it, ha haah

Yeah right, australians, great guys!That’s a good joke, I never had the pleasure to meet a nice one.It’s true, I didn’t have may australian mates, but all of them were kind of jerks.Whatever...

Dudes, wake up!That’s really cool!I’ve seen such event with my own eyes, and believe me, the atmosphere and all those sounds are amazing!
If you don’t agree with this, don’t watch it!

I don’t get it eighter.Some people have such strange pleasures!
I cannot stop thinking about the pollution, first of all, asnd second of all, the cost of the new wheels, perhaps!

I don’t understand this. What’s the point??
Even they say: comes with a lot of smoke, a lot of burnt rubber...

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