Viper-powered Chrysler 300S teased ahead of SEMA 2010

This Chrysler 300S make look just like any other of its kind from the outside, but once you pop the hood, you’ll discover that there’s the good blood of a Dodge Viper running through its engine.

The car, which was videotaped at Miller Motorsports Park as a teaser video and put on Dodge’s YouTube site, has SEMA 2010 written all over it, so don’t be surprised if you see it in the Las Vegas Auto Show’s floor soon.

Needless to say, we’re intrigued at the prospect of a sedan sporting some serious Viper power. Add what looks to be a set of gorgeous 22s – or 24s – on the tires and you have a car that looks to have a bite as mean and powerful as its bark.

Let’s just hope that this is more than just a teaser video. Don’t get us wrong, we like teasers as much as anybody, but what’s the point of them if we don’t see these bad boys out on the road, right?

Source: Dodge


We couldn’t deny the fact that Viper is one of the successful production and knowing that it would powered by Chrysler it really excites me! I can’t wait to test drive this car.

If I’m not mistaken i think just recently, Viper has made its last production, and it already pass on the throne to its successor. I just forgot the name. However, Viper would be one of the best cars when it comes to performance, this car would never let you down.

Its amazing the amount of winning on this site that cannot appreciate a good build for what is - import or domestic. We are in the age of the fan boy.

I don’t think the point was "look, we’re crushing an Japanese car." It was more like "look, this big truck is parked on top of a little old car."

Because that’s the garbage I read on TopSpeed whenever anyone has anything to say about any Chrysler product, especially the 300.

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