Volkswagen Concept Pick-up -first details revealed

Volkswagen revealed the first details on the Concept Pick-up, the preview version of the Robust pick-up. Official unveiling will be made at the 62nd IAA Commercial Vehicles Show. Volkswagen will begin production of the new pick-up at its plant in Pacheco, Argentina in 2009.

The double cab concept is modeled on a coastal search-and-rescue and beach patrol application, with a functional blue LED light bar and can’t-miss "SAR" badges on its sides. The five foot cargo box and two-piece tailgate have been modified to store tools, life preservers and a fire extinguisher.


Yes! it is really a good news, well everyone are so excited on the update news about this pic up car concept. I’m also so excited about this one.

It’s a good news for Volkswagen fans! How about for Volvo or BMW, when will they plan to make some pick ups.

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