Volkswagen Golf GTI by Wimmer RS

Wimmer RS was pretty busy lately with preparing customized cars. First a Ferrari F430 and the Porsche GT2 Speed , and now the Golf GTI. For the German hatchback, the tuner has worked on both the exterior and the car’s performance.

Volkswagen Golf GTI by Wimmer RS

While a stock Golf GTI delivers 210 hp, Wimmer RS has added an optimized turbo, a sports CAT, a modified intake system and fuel pump as well as a reprogrammed ECU and managed to increase the output to a total of 386 hp and 455 Nm (332 lb-ft). The top speed is also increased to 166mph.

The tuner also added a sports clutch and a height-adjustable HR sports coilover suspension system. The car sits on either 18-, 19- or 20-inch alloy wheels.


Actually, I’m getting upset on the specifications that I have read on all Volkswagen Golf cars. There is nothing to be proud of. All are just created the same. And the prices are still getting high, I’ve been thinking if its profitable. Let me know if am wrong.

I will agree though that it was kind of amusing when these DI engines first came out that some enthusiasts were afraid that they would be more difficult/impossible to tune.

It may be better if they move the entire Revo knuckle suspension from the Focus RS to take good care of torque steer.

For a hatchback, that really impressive to increase the power output to 176 HP more. Well too tough to handle on competing to the customized Focus RS that have 400+ HP with good sprint time. But definitely the tweak that Wimmer RS did on this Golf GTI was that great.

Actually, the time that I liked a Volkswagen Golf was when I first played Need For Speed. I didn’t know that such small car can deliver such performance and speed. I am now looking at smaller cars as they are so cool when customized. Some like mini, the Swift and other cars.

Golf GTI is like a smaller version of Touareg specially it’s rear tail light.

They did wonders with the Ferrari F430. So I never had doubts that they can do the same for the Golf GTI. Kudos to you!

A 20 inch alloy wheels would really look great on this beauty. Great job. It seems that VW has made a good raw material here. Wimmer is not the first time to take interest with the Golf GTI and tune it.

One of the possible reasons for the unbelievable jump of the horsepower produced by the newly tuned VW Golf GTI is that it is relatively small and light. 210hp would have been fast enough. But Wimmer RS doesn’t seem to understand that concept. So here they come making a work of art of the Golf.

A 386hp for a Wimmer RS tuned VW GTI is a great deal. This is perhaps one of the fastest hatchback today. The optimized turbo really did the trick.

The good thing about Wimmer RS is that they didn’t left one thing behind. They always kept a good balance between the exterior and the car’s performance. The GTI has never been this great.

The good thing about Wimmer RS is that they know how to keep everything in balance. With exteriors and car performance both tuned, the VW GTI has never been this great.

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