Volkswagen Golf VI GTI spied in production

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Volkswagen officially showed off the production version of the Golf VI GTI in Geneva last week, and now we know how serious “production-ready” really is. Although the new GTI is not expected to be on sale in Europe until later this spring (fall for the U.S.), we caught these fully-baked cars among the other Golfs at VW’s Wolfsburg factory. There were multiple full production GTIs in three and five-door form at the main Golf factory and VW headquarters in Wolsfburg, Germany.

Orders for the new GTI only started last week . Volkswagen only builds cars when ordered directly by the customer or the dealer, so these early GTIs are likely part of the first batch for dealerships to show off.

This GTI gets a 10 hp improvement over its predecessor. This means the turbo four-cylinder engine now makes 210 hp and top speed is now 148 mph. The engine is mated to either a manual or a DSG (electronically controlled dual-clutch automated manual) transmission.


I once had a GTi. Pretty sweet. Are they face lifted MK5s?

When they introduce a new model at VW, they are serious about selling it smiley not like some camaro supposedly production that we are still waiting for...since 2007!

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