Volkswagen Jetta owner installs working beer tap on his trunk

We’re guessing the owner of this Volkswagen Jetta lives for tailgating. I mean, he probably looks forward to tailgating with his buddies more than he does waking up in the morning.

You see that piece of bar that seems to be sticking out of his car’s trunk? If you can actually believe it, that piece of bar is a beer tap. And the best part is, it works! That’s about the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. Hey buddy, fill us up a cold one, will ya?

Source: VW Vortez


Let me guess..He is not a drunkard? Is this allowed in the law? I mean police officer continuous to reminds us not to drink a liquor while driving, if this one is permitted then I should customize my car into this one!lol

yeah, invite me there..haha

Crazy dude!!not afraid of being caught.

Drunkard, watch out for the accident in the road!

Bottoms up! He must have loaded tons of draft beer on his trunk.

Now, am thinking how much it will cost you installing a beer tap? I want one!

cool well this car is well suited for camping and outdoor activities..

Men..Watch out on police...Practice safe driving.

Now he has all the means to party on the streets.

Well, in that case I think he can sell a beer while on the road. Also, he can provide a party on the street and that would be very cool beer lover.

Well, not only that this is also suitable for me and my friend. we love to drink beers.

Cool, well this car is well suited for camping and outdoor activities.

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