Volkswagen might bring Polo to USA

Volkswagen Polo is a real successful model in Europe, mostly because of its low fuel consumption. This and the rising of the gasoline prices of the gas might be the reason why Volkswagen is considering bringing smaller models than the Golf in the US market.

Winterkorn said: "I will ask the question this week when I meet with our 600 dealers in the US: ’Do you need the VW Polo?’"

The planned model based on the VW concept Space Up could also go to the US market, he said.

More carmakers are introducing smaller models in the U.S. Earlier this week, Ford said it would introduce a hatchback variant of the next-generation Fiesta small car in the U.S. in 2010. The model is set to debut in Europe and Asia this year.


I think I would LOVE a VW soon will they get here....I"ll need to buy a new car come december....

When can I buy it?

It looks alot better than the horrid Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris 1.4 turbo engine will give it great economy and decent power

I will like to purchase a car

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