Volkswagen prepares hotter BlueMotion models

One thing is certain, lowering CO2 emission and improving fuel economy is one of the main concerns of today’s auto makers. According to Volkswagen’s research and development Chief Dr Ulrich Hackenburg, “we can make a connection between fun, performance and low consumption”.

According to Hackenburg, Volkswagen will most likely come out with BlueMotion versions of their sport compacts the Scirocco and the GTI . However if these versions come to market it will not be before 2011, and like the concept in Geneva , they would wear the BlueSport badge, creating the perfect blend of fuel economy and fun.

Besides the Scirocco BlueSport and GTI Bluesport, Volkswagen is also working on producing even more economical R models. The Scirocco R20T concept has already been shown and it is almost certain that VW will replace the 3.2 liter VR6 in the Golf R32 with something less thirsty .
Dr Hackenburg said that the two models may not get a V6 engine, but "what we [VW] are able to do is to make a Golf with the same performance but a smaller engine, which is anyway better for handling."

So whether Volkswagen decides to turn up the boost on some diesel motors or downsize and turbocharge what they already have, one thing is certain. Volkswagen is committed to building automobiles that are fun to drive and at the same time environmentally conscious.

Source: EVO

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