Volkswagen Routan to be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show

Volkswagen is stepping on the gas in one of its most important markets. Just weeks after the successful premiere of the new Passat CC at the current NAIAS 2008, Europe’s largest car manufacturer will present the new Routan in Chicago (February 6 - 17, 2008).

Volkswagen will be showing its new minivan for the first time at the Chicago Auto Show. "Routan" is a newly coined word indicating the bond between Volkswagen Volkswagen and America. "Routan" contains both the English word "route" as well as the "-an" suffix which is appended to the names of Volkswagen’s European vans - Touran and Sharan.

The new minivan is a joint development with Chrysler LLC. The vehicle will be built in the Canadian Chrysler factory in Windsor, Ontario. Of course, both the interior and the exterior follow Volkswagen’s clear design concept. The appearance, technology and functionality are splendidly adapted to the US market. That’s why the Routan is an imposing seven-seater more than five metres in length. Whether kids, dog, baseball gloves or inline skates - there is sufficient space for everyone and everything for the Friday afternoon trip to the park.

Volkswagen is hoping to increase its volume in North America with models like the Passat CC and the new Routan, both of which are strongly tailored to this market’s requirements. Volkswagen wants to sell 800,000 vehicles just in the USA by 2018.


This was a bad idea that should have never happened. I have a feeling that when you add these two companies together you will get a multiplied disaster.

The problem with minivans is space efficiency is maximized at the cost of everything else. If you want a good handling mini vanish vehicle go drive a Mazda 5. Unfortunately you will find it will be too underpowered. This VW looks to be yet another minivan that allows for
too many compromises. I’m still disappointed at Chrysler’s decision not to compete in this market and I see VW kept the cheap looking plastic panel on the front seat backs. They look like a cast-off from a kids big wheel. The center stack looks OEM Chrysler as well.

Some sources from the web claims that this model features a re-branded version of Chrysler’s hard drive-based audio and navigation system.

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