Volkswagen's future mid-sized sedan rendering

Here’s a rendering of Volkswagen’s Passat replacement . Last year we reported that VW will split up Passat production in a similar way that Honda makes one Accord for North America and another for the rest of the world (the other version of the Accord is a smaller car and is sold in the U.S. as the Acura TSX .)

The next Passat for the U.S. will be larger than the other version and likely shared with China. The parts for the U.S. car may be made in China and assembled at VW’s new facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Volkswagen should have it’s NMS (New Midsized Sedan) ready for 2010, and it hopes to sell about 150,000 annually.


well that’s for sure, cars today are getting better and better also the trims and design are starting to level up to futuristic looks.

This can’t sell anywhere but in America. There is no way VW will produce something from ground up specifically for the US market, so it won’t happen.

That concept car is pretty nice but the usual, it will be so costly.

Actually the plates do state BS which is Braunschweig so it could be the Harz mountains as there is a VW station in Braunlage. I believe. Still though..

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