Volkswagen set to release new digital customer magazine for the iPad

Count Volkswagen in on the Apple iPad’s official bandwagon, proving that just about anybody will jump into the slightest opportunity of being featured in today’s latest fad.

The German auto giant will be developing a digital customer magazine exclusively for the iPad, which will then be published on a quarterly basis and will be available in five different languages to cater to the European and US markets. VW is calling their latest marketing brainchild ’DAS’, which is short for ’Digital Automotive Space’, with the goal of using a new medium or tool to transmit interest in Volkswagen from the brand to the consumer in a new digital environment that will be accessible all over the world.

According to Luca de Meo, Volkswagen’s head of marketing, "DAS is an important building block in Volkswagen’s digital marketing strategy and gives us the opportunity for an interactive dialog with our customers."

Now, if you don’t own an iPad, you won’t need to worry about accessing the DAS because Volkswagen has already announced that it will publish an Internet version of the quarterly digital magazine at the end of June, making it accessible to just about anyone who has a working Internet connection from every corner of the world.

Source: Volkswagen


Great! I can’t imagine that we are now stepping to a near future, because Its been a while that the IPad now is taking the place of the paper magazines and I guess next will be the news paper will be out of place.

Yeah this is the new age of promoting, a digital brochure is way better than the paper brochure.

I think this will be enjoyable, in that kind of magazine’s themes with an innovative virtual reality using the familiar functions of the iPhone.

Very nice! Most automobile company today are really making use of the Apple technologies. It really helps those dealers to sell well and project well of the car.

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