Volvo gives a family car.

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The following generation of the Volvo V70 is almost here.
The new mid-size station wagon from Volvo has an appearance that remembers a mixture of the C30, V50 and S80.

 The official presentation of the new model will be in March at Geneva.

 The wheelbase grows 8 cm in comparison with the present model, so V70 will be a full redesign.

 The next generation of Volvo’s family car will ride on the same platform as the new S80 sedan.

 The S80 is expected to share its powertrains with the wagon.

 A major expectation regards interior space. Many journalists and Volvo fans have also expressed disappointment that the interior space was not as large as it could be to the existing model.

 Volvos is renowned for durability, vehicles like the 240 series are still to be seen on the roads with 300,000 miles and more on the clock.So the next V70 have to confirm the same build quality of the earlier cars.

Volvo gives a family car.

 The XC70,(the Cross Country), also will return.

 Also a V70 R with V8 motor of 4,4 liters is expected and more than 370 HP for end of 2008.

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