Volvo Looking to Make Mercedes S-Class Rival

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Volvo wants to hit the big time and new owner Geely isn’t wasting any time letting people know it. Earlier this week, the Chinese automaker completed its purchase of Volvo Volvo from Ford and already the brand is making headlines. The new chairman, Li Shufu, has announced that he wants Volvo to produce a car that will compete with the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class . He mentioned that Volvo already has cars to compete with most of the other segments, but they lack a true luxury sedan.

According to the Financial Times, Volvo was unable to develop such a car under Ford’s mighty grasp. The company was worried about a massive Volvo stealing sales from Jaguar , which was also owned by Ford at the time. Now, Geely has the reigns and it seems like they are steering Volvo in the bigger car direction. Unfortunately, it’s just a rumor for now because there has been no official word claiming the production of a bigger luxury sedan from Volvo.

Li will have to convince the new board that this is a smart move for the company, but it sounds like it should go through.



Well, considering they (Ford ownership) took Volvo upmarket (in terms of price) but the image never really followed, I don’t really think this market is going to do them any favors. Selling slightly better versions of what are essentially Mazda’s (S40) and Fords (S80 platform) doesn’t work when you price them so far away.

Exactly why do you guys think it’s so impossible to make a large, comfertable car, add a lot of equipment and call it a luxery car? Really, that’s all the S class and 7 series are about. You don’t have to be german to make cars like that. They are not drivers cars, they are passengers cars. Now i find cars like that boring, so i wouldn’t mind if Volvo stuck with the likes of S60 and S80 and concentrated on adding a couple of performance version like an updated S60R, with 400+ horsepower, but the point is, that the biggest problem in the large car segment, is badge snobbing. It has to be Mercedes, not because of the car, but because of the name. Kind of like Ferrari in the supercar department.

Um, since when does Volvo compete with BMW Audi and Mercedes? If anything they’re a competitor of VW and Saab. Upscale, sure, but by no stretch of the imagination "luxury".

IMO Volvo can never out class or even out perform a Mercedes Volvo is just dream on beating the hell out of the Benz.

True, which was also one of the reasons, that Mercedes got rid of Chrysler. They couldn’t live up to the germans standarts. Ford has however, pretty much left Volvo alone to develope their cars. Ofcourse they have had some influense, but you will find more Volvo technology in Fords lineup than the other way around. As such, Ford benifitted more from their Volvo ownership than the other way around. It also means, that unlike Saab, Volvo doesn’t have to rediscover it’s roots, which is a good thing. One of Saab’s problems today is, that they are seen as rebadged Opels, Cadillacs or Holdens. Something that is not seen favorable upon by the traditional Saab buyer, that wants a swedish made car, build like a tank to cope with the harsh nordic invorenment.

Volvo used to make reliable cars, but just like when Mercedes joined Chrysler, Volvo’s reliability dropped when Ford bought them.

The information you get from consumer reports doesn’t tell the whole story. However i live in a country where cars don’t last that long. Although the roads are good, there are a lot of hills and there are a lot of corners, which means a car spend a lot of it’s lifetime accellerating, decellerating and climbing hills. Rust is also an issue, due to moisty air. How come the only old cars i see are made by Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes, Saab and Volvo? Could it be, they are better made and last longer than the rest? Old BMWs are rare. BTW, i believe that Volvo still holds the world record for mileage on a car on the same engine.

Volvo quality is second to none? Pick up an issue of Consumer Reports some time; Volvo’s reliability ratings are pretty much average. They have a couple models rated just below average and one or two rated slightly above.

The biggest problem for Volvo in this case, is the same as Lexus is figthing with, namely badge snobbing. Those who are used to driving Volvo would know that their quality is second to none and the comfort is competative, but convincing the present BMW and Mercedes driver of that, is gonna be the major problem.

A Volvo that competes with the likes of the S-Class, LS 460, and 7-Series? A few years ago I would have laughed at this idea, but after what Hyundai did with their lineup in the last few years, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Volvo pulls this off.

Ya, that’s true Volvo must be worried with the great competition between BMW and Mercedes...There only alas is to make car that will outrage the sales of the later company.

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