Volvo Looking to Make Mercedes S-Class Rival

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Volvo wants to hit the big time and new owner Geely isn’t wasting any time letting people know it. Earlier this week, the Chinese automaker completed its purchase of Volvo Volvo from Ford and already the brand is making headlines. The new chairman, Li Shufu, has announced that he wants Volvo to produce a car that will compete with the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class . He mentioned that Volvo already has cars to compete with most of the other segments, but they lack a true luxury sedan.

According to the Financial Times, Volvo was unable to develop such a car under Ford’s mighty grasp. The company was worried about a massive Volvo stealing sales from Jaguar , which was also owned by Ford at the time. Now, Geely has the reigns and it seems like they are steering Volvo in the bigger car direction. Unfortunately, it’s just a rumor for now because there has been no official word claiming the production of a bigger luxury sedan from Volvo.

Li will have to convince the new board that this is a smart move for the company, but it sounds like it should go through.



Ya, that’s true Volvo must be worried with the great competition between BMW and Mercedes...There only alas is to make car that will outrage the sales of the later company.

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