Volvo recalls cars over faulty transmission

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Volvo and safety have gone hand in hand for years, but the Swedish automaker has announced a big recall. It will cover three model lines, including the C30 , the S40 , and the V50 . All three of these models being recalled are from the 2010 model year.

According to Volvo, the recall only included the C30, V50, and S40 models equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. Putting a manual in the V50 and S40 seems a bit odd and, as you would imagine, not many Volvo owners have one. We would imagine that there are more C30 manuals than the other two combined. The total number of cars recalled is around 536.

The gearshift level stub assembly may not have been properly tightened at the factory. This could cause the gearshift level cable or stud to come loose. If this happens while driving, it may not be possible to shift gears. As you could imagine, this would not be good. On the plus side, the problem shouldn’t cause any accidents.

Dealers will fix the affected vehicles by tightening the gearshift level stud assembly, hopefully free of charge. Owners will be notified by the end of the month. No accidents or injuries have occurred because of the problem.



i think this is for both manual and auto trans..

do this recalls applicable to Automatic Transmissions? or it’s only for manual tans?

the ball-joints hand cylinder pin on the gear shift lever may be mounted (incorrectly), which may lead to the ball-joint coming loose, which would imply that the driver will not be able to change gears

Well, in that case I think next time people should really choose a right and well car so that you won’t get any of the numerous and bizzare intermittent electrical problems.

well good thing that there are only 536 of this. with the number they wont have a hard time recalling all of it.

well good thing that they haven’t sell many yet.

How is it odd to have a manual transmission in the S40 and V50? Their perfect for it. Small size, 5 cylinder engines...

Who hasn’t recalled a car this year?

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