Volvo-The Game: free racing game featuring the S60 Concept

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In the spirit of Ferrari’s recent video game offering and BMW’s expression of joy advertising campaign, Volvo will be joining the competition by offering a free PC and iPod based racing game with the new S60 Concept Car as the star of the show. Teaming up with fellow Sweedish videogame developers SimBin, Volvo plans on releasing Volvo-The Game, for free, on May 26. The game will give players the opportunity to race the concept car along with a host of other Volvo racecars on two different tracks and three different difficulty levels.


It’s a marketing promotion. It means this is for marketing it concept car which will surely hit production sometime 2010. Now the only thing is this. Putting a car in a game means only one thing it’s a race. I can’t think anything else. Do you?

I thought Volvo is more on safety. And now they’re on racing. Weird. But it’s pretty exciting to watch out for this game.

Free games? I saw the Ferrari games, it was good. I hope this one with Volvo would be equally exciting.

If all car games will come free this way for marketing purposes, I hope next time game developers can combine all real features of this top notch cars is a simultaneous online game where your car will run and get driven the way it is in an almost virtual way.

I like this new marketing concept. I like to see Porsche coming with its free game and also for Lamborghini that will make more auto fans thrilled.

Free PC and Ipod games not a bad ideas to introducer your product in the wide range of available market. It sounds like everyone is into it now? What do you think?

Now that makes car gamers more attuned to the new developments in the sports car industry. It a potential market that ca be tapped and encouraged to engaged into real sports driving.

That what Free marketing does! With Ferrari’s free game now comes Volvo for the competition. It’s a braight marketing strategy that must not be ignored.

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