Volvo truck sets land speed record for semis at 155 mph

Land speed records are usually set by exotic sports cars that have no problem setting 200 mph without breaking a sweat. The last thing - or at least vehicle - people will associate with speed records are trucks. Big-bodied, mammoth trucks that are less about speed than they are about power.

Try telling that to Boije Overbrink, who was determined to make sure that he went down as driving the fastest semi-truck in all the world. Easier said than done, right? Apparently, not for Mr. Overbrink. Using a specially-built Volvo semi and bringing it to Hultsfred Airport in Sweden, the 59-year old, who also happened to be celebrating his birthday on that very same day, clocked in an average speed of 81.32 mph for 500 meters and 103.58 mph for an entire kilometer.

Taking into account the slow acceleration of trucks that size, speed runs for this category are only measured on the average time it clocks over an entire course. Taking all that into consideration, the truck clocked in a speed of over 155 mph over an entire course.

Relative to the speed set by high-powered sports cars, 155 mph may not be all that impressive, but when you’re talking about a semi-truck with all that sheet metal, 155 mph is by far both impressive and scary at the same time.

Source: Moto Bullet


that was a hot pick.. there’s no doubt that this partnership can add some popularity to the Seat.

Now with just some more tuning this truck will sure past the 200MPH mark.

They need that thing on the road!!! I always get stuck behind one doing 50 MPH on the freeway

agree, reaching it’s topspeed is very scary specially when this monster is on a free way. it sure scare the hell out of the smaller vehicles on the road.

is this a stuck performance truck? any news for enhancements or upgrades?

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