VW Ragster concept the next Beetle?

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Volkswagen isn’t just going to let Ferdinand Porsche’s immortal beetle get washed down the drain. After such a successful sales run, it would be a shame for the beetle to just drift away into nothingness so Volkswagen has decided to rejuvenate the bug by presenting the funky Volkswagen Ragster Concept.

Sources say the Ragster concept will be exhibited during next year’sDetroit International Motor Show where it will either create a big stir amongst the Beetle lovers or be haphazardly glanced at by passers-by. According to recent reports, Volkswagen says the Ragster isn’t just a remodel of the current Beetle, but a completely re-engineered vehicle complete with an all new chassis, body panels, and interior.

The power for the concept comes from a choice of three engine packages, from a range-topping 2.0-liter to a 211hp four-cylinder, and a 1.2-liter that produces a mighty 110hp. There are also plans for a mix of turbo diesel variants.

We must say, the Volkswagen Ragster Concept does show a bit of promise. They have basically taken the Beetle , added a ragtop, and gave it some attitude. The Ragster even looks the part with the front windshield looking as if the Beetle has furrowed its eyebrows. Nicely done, V-Dub. Definitely a much better option than the next generation Beetle rendered by David Cordoso . Now we’ll just have to wait and see if it can take the place of the classic Beetle.


The ragster sounds so "original" but then VW makes it a second class car.

I like the looks but the bug has always been underpowered. The 157KW 2L 4 cylinder sounds good but if it isn’t turbo then I doubt it would have much torque and would probably be a really peaky engine. That wouldn’t be conducive to relaxed motoring.

Yeah, they don’t match the car one bit, thank god. God forbid the New Beetle ever have a real sense of style.

If they wanted to be all sporty with that, the blue green one would have VW calling a hit. It reminds me of Nissan’s 350 Z as far as the styling with the metal around the headrests.

Haha, this could be the coolest in VW, almost a mixture of Mini and Beetle. The top is flat, right?

This rendering was produced before it was revealed the Beetle would switch from rear to front engined.

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