VW to build a 1L/100KM car by 2011

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Volkswagen’s Chairman Ferdinand Piëch announces a super-efficient vehicle capable of achieving mileage rates as impressive as 1L/100km on an interview.

The car is in the development and could be sold at a reasonable price within four years. Most likely some form of bio-diesel will be used so the vehicle could theoretically travel up to 5,000km on a single 50L tank of fuel.

VW to build a 1L/100KM car by 2011

Near the 70th birthday, Piëch was one of the pioneers that saw the creation of VW’s previous 1-Liter concept pictured above, a prototype that he himself drove from Wolfsburg to Hamburg at an average fuel consumption of 0.89L per 100km.

Piëch boasted that VW could have a production version of the 1-Liter ready in three to four years time.He also said that we could see a more practical 3L/100km capable car based on its entry-level Lupo before then.

VW will now be able to source the expensive materials required to build such cars for around €5,000 in around two years time.The prices for the same resources stand at close to €35,000 now.


This car looks like a time capsule.

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